* Videotaping Services

We have professional videotaping services available which will supply you with DVD or videotape, courtroom playbacks, and video-synching as you require.

* Keyword Indexing

Every transcript we provide has a keyword index attached.

* Scheduling Confirmation

Our administrative staff will confirm with your team the day before the scheduled deposition to ensure our reporters are ready when you are.

* Electronic delivery of transcripts

Royal Court Reporting can send your transcripts via e-mail as an e-transcript, .pdf or text file.

* Real Time Reporting

This technology converts the court reporter's stenographic notes to English and transmits the text directly to your laptop.  You can view the testimony on your device as the proceeding is actually taking place.

Our Services


Royal Court Reporting

prides itself on providing reliable and accurate court reporting.  We focus our attention to detail and offer a personalized response to special needs.  Our certified court reporters consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in both expediency and complex transcriptions.

* Condensed Transcripts

We can convert transcripts into a 4 pages to a sheet format for easy handling.